Steven St John For Congress 2012


You will have a new voting option on all legislation
A Safeguard Representative

A safeguard representative is elected by the district to represent the voters directly by agreeing that each legislation will be voted on by the following method...

If elected in 2012 as a safeguard representative, you will receive a pin identification number that you will use to vote on every legislation. To qualify, you will need to be registered voter.  The vote will occur before the legislation comes up for a vote in the House of Representatives.

You will cast your vote either by a 800 Phone Number or by the Internet utilizing a secured network. The votes will be tallied up by a non-biased third party and the result will be posted on the congressional district website. The majority votes win and based on those results, that is how I will vote on all legislation.

With this vote comes great responsibility. I have heard many comments from a number of people already. There are those who believe that many of the voters just don't care or will not take the time to be involved. I disagree. I think if this idea came into being, you the voter would take this voting option very seriously.

Your New Voting Option

The Safeguard Concept

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